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On June 29, 2009, Governor Doyle signed into law a state budget authorizing the offering of health insurance to employees in
same- and opposite-sex domestic partnerships.

This section will be updated when information about
how this change will be implemented becomes available.
for news as it becomes available.

The UW-Madison Domestic Partnership Policy has been approved by governance bodies representing students, classified non-represented staff, academic staff, and faculty.  As the Provost stated in his memo announcing the approval and implementation of the policy, "the to simplify and clarify the documentation necessary for domestic partners of UW-Madison students and employees to obtain access to services such as housing, recreational sports facilities, and libraries." The policy does not apply to benefits controlled by the state or the Board of Regents. 

The policy ( contains criteria for determining domestic partner status, instructions for accessing services (including a caveat that some units may require applicants to meet additional criteria), and a link to the Declaration of Domestic Partnership form.  Services available through to domestic partners include the following:

  • University Housing: Housing is available to graduate students and employees with spouses or partners.  See for links to relevant sites.
  • Recreational Sports Facilities: Spouse/Domestic Partner passes are available at the Natatorium, Nielsen Tennis Stadium and the Shell. See
  • Dual Career Couple Program: Deans and Directors may make efforts to find a position for the partner or spouse of a person being hired into a faculty or academic staff position. See
  • Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP): Offers benefits to students' domestic partners and spouses.  Link available through University Health Services,
  • University Health Services: Students may enroll their spouses or domestic partners for all the UHS prepaid services that are currently available to students.  See
  • Libraries:  The Memorial Library issues library cards to spouses, domestic partners, and children of UW-Madison faculty and staff. UW-Madison campus libraries accept these cards issued at Memorial Library for borrowing privileges.  See
  • Athletic Department: There is a policy allowing transfer of season football tickets to a spouse or domestic partner. See

For more information, contact the LGBT Campus Center (one of the Offices of the Dean of Students) at 26t3344 or the Office of Human Resources (263-6561).

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