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Chapter Topics: [ I. Administration & Governance] [ II. Funding, Budget and Operations] [ III. Personnel ] [ IV. Other Personnel Policies ] [ V. Curriculum and Related Policies ] [ VI. Student Academic Affairs ] [ VII. College Relations ] [ VIII. Resources & Services ] [ Glossary of L&S Terms ]
Chapter II Contents: [II.1 101 Budgets ] [II.2 Minima and Standard Rates ] [II.3 Position Control ] [II.4 Class/Unclass Compensation Plan ] [II.5 Travel ] [II.6 Payments to Individual Reports ] [II.7 Moving Expenses for New Faculty ] [II.8 Information & Instructional Technology ] [II.9 Policies on Printing and Photocopying ] [II.10 Tuition Remission ] [II.11 Receptions, Catering and Alcohol Permits ] [II.12 UW Sponsored Events and UW Foundation Funds ] [II.13 UW-Madison and UW Foundation Policies (Gift Deposits and Expenditures)] [II.14 Trust Funds ] [II.15 Revenue Producing Activities ] [II.16 FAQ University Policies Related to Gift and Other Accounts ] [II.17 Special University Funds ] [II.18 Sabbaticals, Faculty Dev. Grants ] [II.19 Academic Staff Prof. Dev. Funding ] [II.20 Office of Research Services ] [II.21 Indirect Cost Capital Exercise ] [II.22 Space and Classroom Allocation ] [II.23 Remodeling, Capital Building Projects ] [II.24 Safety ] [II.25 Summer Sessions ] [II.26 Summer Service ]


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