The Fall 2014 Annual College of Letters & Science Teaching Assistant Training

Thursday, August 28 - 9:00 to 4:30
3650 Mosse Humanities Building

At this full-day training event, selected Teaching Fellows from across the disciplines will cover a host of topics that TAs will find useful as they begin their fall teaching appointments. These workshops include, but are not limited to:

The training is geared towards new TAs in the College of Letters & Science, but experienced TAs are welcome to attend, as are TAs from other UW-Madison schools and colleges.  Pre-registration is not required.

At this full day training event we will cover a host of topics that TAs will find useful as they begin their fall teaching appointments.  The L&S Teaching Fellows will be on hand to share ideas and facilitate discussion in themed workshop settings. 

Various campus and college units will also be on hand to discuss strategies to help TAs navigate the first day of class, work within a teaching team, interact with a diverse group of students, understand campus policies as they relate to their TA appointments, and integrate technology into the classroom.   

For more information on the Fall TA Training, call or email Brian Bubenzer, or 265-0603, or Sharon Yam, or 890-3850.


Small Group Workshops offered by the L&S Teaching Fellows

The L&S Teaching Fellows are winners of the annual Teaching Fellow Award. These fourteen graduate students specialize in a range of fields represented in the College of Letters & Science, The School of Human Ecology, and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.  Nomination as Teaching Fellows acknowledges their outstanding success as students and Teaching Assistants at UW-Madison. Each year, the Teaching Fellows develop and lead a series of workshops for new and experienced TAs who attend the Fall TA Training. Those who attend the training will have the opportunity to participate in two small group workshops.