2014 Fall TA Training - August 28, 2014

Tips for Teachers from the 2013 Teaching Fellows

Each year some of the best teachers on campus, the Graduate Teaching Fellows, give workshops that model good teaching behavior, provide conceptual frameworks for instructors, and allow TAs to get their questions answered and fears assuaged. The 2013 Tips for Teachers are no substitute, but they are a good place to send new and returning TAs who were not able to attend the training.

2013 Tips for Teachers


Patricia Abbott (Economics) "Avoiding Lonely Math! Getting your students to participate in problem-solving"

Rafael Arévalo Burbano (Botany) "Being an International TA: Challenges and expectations"

Hayley Clatterbuck (Philosophy) "Sailing in Tough Waters: How to productively navigate controversial issues in the classroom"

James Coons (History) "'This is pointless': Teaching the esoteric, obscure, and (apparently) irrelevant"

Angela Dassow (Zoology) "Teaching a Required Course for Non-majors: How to avoid the dreaded question, 'What do I need to do to pass?'"

Sarah Kapp (Slavic Languages and Literature) "Fake It Till You Make It? Tips for establishing credibility in the classroom"

Nicole Butkovich Kraus (Sociology) "What to Expect They're Expecting: Planning and communicating class expectations"

Fatemehsadat Mirsharifi (Languages and Cultures of Asia) "'I Can't Wait to Come Back to My Language Class': Building a positive, trusting, and welcoming environment in your foreign language class"

Erin Paul-Schuetter (Spanish and Portuguese) "The ABCs of Successfully Balancing Teaching and Research"

Elizabeth Percak-Dennett (Geoscience) "I'm Scared, I'm Nervous, and I'm Worried My Students Won't Like Me: Preparing for your very first class"

Aaron Peterson (Mathematics) "Building Positive Classroom Dynamics"

Heather Swan (English) "Teaching Writing = Teaching Thinking

Josh Weber (Physics) "They May Not Think Like You Do, and That's Okay: Teaching a lab science section

Se-Hyoung Yi (Political Science) "'I Never Felt like a Stranger When I walked into Class': How to promote, facilitate, and lead classroom discussion"

The Annual College of Letters & Science Teaching Assistant Training

The training is geared towards new TAs in the College of Letters & Science, but experienced TAs are welcome to attend, as are TAs from other UW-Madison schools and colleges.  Pre-registration is not required.

At this full day training event we will cover a host of topics that TAs will find useful as they begin their fall teaching appointments.  The L&S Teaching Fellows will be on hand to share ideas and facilitate discussion in themed workshop settings. 

Various campus and college units will also be on hand to discuss strategies to help TAs navigate the first day of class, work within a teaching team, interact with a diverse group of students, understand campus policies as they relate to their TA appointments, and integrate technology into the classroom.   

For more information on the Fall TA Training, call or email Brian Bubenzer, bubenzer@ls.wisc.edu or 265-0603, or Jackson Foote, jfoote@ls.wisc.edu or 890-3850.

Small Group Workshops offered by the L&S Teaching Fellows

The L&S Teaching Fellows are winners of the annual Teaching Fellow Award. These fourteen graduate students specialize in a range of fields represented in the College of Letters & Science, The School of Human Ecology, and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.  Nomination as Teaching Fellows acknowledges their outstanding success as students and Teaching Assistants at UW-Madison. Each year, the Teaching Fellows develop and lead a series of workshops for new and experienced TAs who attend the Fall TA Training. Those who attend the training will have the opportunity to participate in two small group workshops.